Erica SRL was born in 1990 after various experience in the field of frozen, fresh and dried mushrooms and with a great passion for nature and its products. At the very beginning it was just a small labor and one refrigerating room for the purpose of spreading the most exquisite mushrooms – and most esteemed ones in Italy - : Porcini. Due to Erica’s consciousness of each type and quality and thanks to the technology of freezing, which allows to conserve the raw material, Erica SRL is able to supply different products according to commercial and culinary needs of each customers, becoming an important benchmark for both national and international HORECA channel.

Being directly linked to the collection areas it was easy for Erica SRL to immediately introduce other kinds of wild and cultivated mushrooms and berries. Eventually in 2012 Erica SRL introduced to its line frozen wild herbs - such as nettles and wild hops - to bring back some regional traditions. Erica SRL has always paid close attention to nature and its environment, that is why in 2010 installed a photovoltaic system to satisfy the energetic requirements saving more than 60 tons of CO2 per year.

A great love for nature united with a big knowledge of products: this is Erica SRL quality.

The structure of the company is one of its advantage: being directly present in the collection points Erica is able to guarantee high quality raw material at fair prices.

High quality products available all year round in a large selection

Throughout the years Erica SRL has always guaranteed verified and controlled products to its customers. All Erica’s resource must adhere to the quality standards which Erica’s philosophy is based on and must keep this quality level constant. Since 2008 Erica SRL is ISO 22000 and 9001 certified, organic certified and is currently undergoing IFS certification.

A total and certified control of the entire supply chain allows us to offer a good guaranteed product.

CERT. ISO 22000

This certification is a reference point on the subject of food hygiene and safety in EU.


A quality management system based on ISO 9001 certification assures a better business set-up and the compliance of its own products.


Abiding by the fundamental principles of organic certification Erica has chosen to conform to a more conscious life, indeed these main principles are represented by: raising livestock in free-range, open-air systems and providing them with organic feed, promotion of environment biodiversity and respect for the entire farming ecosystem.

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