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7 July 2017

It is commonly known that berries are good for our health, as well as breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So why not combine the two things and have berries for breakfast? Besides with this heating wave they are useful to get your fill of energy tasting a cool and refreshing first meal!

So here are some suggestions all using berries for energizing breakfasts:



One of the simplest, yet the most appreciated, recipe: it is easy and quick to prepare so you can get it done last minute. Indeed you just need to add berries to the Greek yogurt, you can choose even mixed berries or single fruit such as strawberries or raspberries. If you prefer a jelly effect you can quickly cook the berries in advance in a pan with lemon juice and cane sugar for 2-3 minutes.                  You can then add whatever you like: honey, trail mix or chocolate chips.




If you are a big fan of berries you need to taste them with oat because in addition to the benefits of soft fruit in this preparation you can find also lots of properties in oat. It is a great helper for our organism indeed: its high content of fiber guarantees a proper operation of our intestine and it helps digestion. Additionally it is a valid help against cholesterol.

Oat can be easily prepared mixing it with a drop of water or milk if you prefer, then you can blend the berries, trail mix, raising, chocolate and other kind of fruit you like.




L’ACAI BOWL is the latest fashion for what regards breakfasts coming from New York, Acai indeed is a berry originating from Amazonia rich of nutrients as fibre, vitamins, trans fats, antioxidants and lacking sugars. It is considered a superfood and it can be found (powder or frozen cream) in healthy or organic specialized shops.

If you use Acai cream you can let it defrost and use as it is, while Acai powder needs to be blended with banana and honey, if it results too thick you can pour some milk too (preferably vegetal). You can add also vegetal yogurt to make it a little bit richer. What cannot miss is topping though.

Indulge in creating colourful and tasty decorations to make your breakfast a cheerful moment: bananas, berries, muesli or trail mix, goji berries or chia seeds, coconut or dark chocolate chips!

Last but not least: another essential characteristic of Acai Bowl is obviously the bowl! You have to choose the right one for you: coloured, traditional or either rustic it needs to arouse good humour and positivity.


Fresh and quick enough MIXED BERRIES SMOOTHIE is another valid recipe for your breakfast and it surely is thirst-quenching!

More demanding – undoubtedly yummier though – is BUCKWHEAT PANCAKES WITH RASPBERRIES SAUCE recipe, you can prepare the dough the night before so that you just need to cook them in the morning or you can cook and freeze them in order to have them always at your hand.