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13 November 2017

ERICA SRL introduces new Porcini sauce single-dose pods, an explosion of flavor and simple ingredients in functional pods ready to be used.

The trend of frozen food consumption is still increasing in 2017 as well and the leading field are vegetables, indeed we always have less time to spend in the kitchen and when we go shopping we choose frozen food instead of fresh. Reasons are simple: they preserve easily and they reduce wastes.

This is why ERICA SRL wanted to combine simplicity and funcionality in just one product, as a matter of fact the Porcini sauce in single-dose pods is composed of only natural ingredients, without preservatives and contains a high percentage of Porcini: more than 50%. Easy to use and to keep, Porcini sauce single-dose pods is suitable for various recipes (finger food, main courses and side dishes).



• Easy to use

• Easy to preserve

•Easy to prepare


A tribute for the king of the wood

For over twenty years ERICA SRL has been picking, sorting and knowing the most exquisite mushroom: Porcino. For this reason ERICA SRL has decided to develop a sauce which could enhance its taste and could be easily used by less skilled cook as well.

Porcini sauce in single-dose pods indeed has been conceived to accelerate the simplest everyday recipes, you just need to heat the pods with olive oil and cooking water.


Learn how to use the pods in everyday recipes:


Alternatively here are some ideas you can create using Porcini sauce in single-dose pods:

Mini quiche con zucca arrostita, porcini, nocciole e mousse di caprino

Cappuccino ai porcini con panna al Parmigiano

Tortelli di porcini e burrata con gamberi

(Recipes by: Il Fior di Cappero)