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20 May 2017

Once people used to go out into the fields during spring and bring their own bags to pick the gifts of of nature.  Unfortunately, this custom is now going to disappear and this is the reason why Erica has decided to bring back some of these traditions on the Italian tables. The company collects each singular wild herb and freezes it in order to enjoy all of them throughout the year.

This year ERICA SRL has completed its improvement project of the product Dandelion. Indeed it has renewed the whole food chain, from the training of the harvester to a new washing and cooking method, in order to make it more pleasing and practical to use. Dandelion is harvested between the end of winter and the beginning of spring when flowers are still buds, together with leaves so that it is tender, then it is boiled to remove all the contaminants and the light bitter taste, once it is dosed in small single portion it is immediately frozen.

Dandelion, besides its various culinary applications, is used a lot as natural cure since it is probably one of the richest vitamin K plants and it is a strong diuretic which helps organism to excrete wastes, fighting water retention and purifying kidneys .