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porcini sauce single-dose pods

Natural ingredients and a great wild taste: these are the main features of our frozen Porcini sauce single-dose pods. Preserving all its authentic flavor of Porcini the product is perfect to simplify everyday recipes and higly handy for more erabolate dishes as well. Watch the video and learn how to use it, otherwise let yoursel be inspired by our recipes!  


Porcini mushrooms 56% (Boletus edulis and related group), Button mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus), extra virgin olive oil, onion, rise starch, salt, ransom, parsley, pepper.


250 g, 500 g, 1000 g


In freezer:
**** o *** (-18°C) See recommended date on package.

** (-12°C) 1 month

* (-6°C) 1 week

In ice box: 3 days

In refrigerator: 1 day

Once thawed use the product within 24 hours and do not refreeze


Heat the desired quantity in a pan with low flame, for a smoother procedure add cooking water.